12th Autism-Europe Congress
Autisme Europe
Autisme France
13-15 septembre 2019
Acropolis - Nice - France
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Bourse de la fondation JiM

About the JiM Grant
The JiM Foundation is pleased to announce that they will be once again offering the JiM Grant to fund 30 places at the XII International Autism-Europe Congress 2019. Please find the details concerning the grant below.

  1. The purpose of awarding the JiM Grant.

The aim of the JiM Grant is to award it to people who would not otherwise be able to afford the registration fee costs to attend the Congress. JiM Foundation’s objective is to support the dissemination of knowledge about autism. At JiM Foundation we believe that attending the Congress will help professionals, carers, family members and people on the spectrum, to broaden their horizons. The JiM Grant will be awarded to people who will use the knowledge gained during the Congress and share it with others.    

The JiM Grant will cover the Congress registration fees. Applicants will still have to fund their accommodation during the Congress and their own travel to and from the Congress, as well as any subsistence needs. 

  1. Who may receive the JiM Grant and what are the rules of awarding it?

Fifteen of JiM Grants will be awarded to professionals who work with autistic people (such as: therapists, teachers, medical doctors, support workers and so on). The other fifteen of JiM Grants will be awarded to parents, carers, family members, students, as well as individuals on the autism spectrum.

The awarding of JiM Grant is a two-step procedure.

The first step is registering on the Congress registration platform.

The second step is applying for the JiM Grant, by filling out an application form linked below.  

Application form for professionals who work with autistic people
(therapists, academic, support workers, teachers and so on)

Application form for non-professionals
(parents, carers, family members, students as well as individuals on the autism spectrum)

All applications will be assessed based on:

  1. The economic situation of the applicants – based on the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the country they come from, according to the World Bank data;
  2. The motivation behind attending the Congress – based on answering why the applicant wants to attend the Congress and how will the applicant use the knowledge gained during the Congress;
  3. The estimated number of people that the applicant can share their knowledge gained during the Congress with and the means of how will the candidate do it.
  • Important dates

The application process will open on the 10th January 2019.
We will be gathering the application forms till the 29th March 2019.
The list of people chosen to receive the JiM Grant will be made on the 15th April 2019. The chosen applicants will be contacted on the same day.

About the JiM Foundation
JiM Foundation creates a better world for people with autism in Poland. JiM provides and sponsors diagnosis and necessary therapy for thousands of children on the spectrum. The foundation supports parents as well, by bringing them together, offering training and legal advice when needed. Other organisation activities are the JiM Clinic for free of charge diagnosis and therapy, a Kindergarten and Schools and adults support programs. The foundation also runs national social campaigns, that bring knowledge about autism to the public.


Comité scientifique

Comité Scientifique

Chair :
Prof. Frédérique
Prof. Sven Bölte
Mme. Stéfany Bonnot-Briey
Prof. Tony Charman
Dr. James Cusack
Dr. Djea Saravane
Dr. Donata Vivanti
Prof. Eric Willaye
Prof. Monica Zilbovicius


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