12th Autism-Europe Congress
Autisme Europe
Autisme France
September 13-15, 2019
Acropolis - Nice - France
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Invitation letter for visa

To participate at 12th Autism-Europe International congress you can download an invitation letter in order to facilitate the steps necessary to obtain your visa. This letter is to be used only for your arrival at the congress : the invitation letter does not constitute a commitment for any financial support. All your expenses in connection with your participation in the congress remain at your charge.

The use of this letter for any fraudulent action is your sole responsibility.

To download an invitation letter to the conference, simply register online and follow the instructions below:

Step to follow:

  • Account creation
  • Choose the Invitation Letter option
  • Enter your passport number and accept the conditions
  • Download the letter
Scientific Committee

Scientific committee

Chair :
Prof. Frédérique
Prof. Sven Bölte
Ms. Stéfany Bonnot-Briey
Prof. Tony Charman
Dr. James Cusack
Dr. Djea Saravane
Dr. Donata Vivanti
Prof. Eric Willaye
Prof. Monica Zilbovicius


the programme

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