12th Autism-Europe Congress
Autisme Europe
Autisme France
September 13-15, 2019
Acropolis - Nice - France
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12th Autism-Europe International Congress
A new dynamic for change and inclusion

We are glad to invite you to the 12th International Congress of Autism-Europe , which is organized in cooperation with Autisme France, in the beautiful city of Nice. Our congresses are held every three years, and we are delighted to be back in France, 36 years after the congress of Paris. It will be a great opportunity to take stock of the progress achieved and look at the opportunities ahead.

The 2019 congress’ motto is “A new Dynamic for Change and Inclusion”, in keeping with our aspiration that international scientific research on autism should be translated into concrete changes and foster social inclusion for autistic people of all ages and needs. Our congresses therefore strive to be a place where all interested stakeholders can meet to exchange and reflect on how to shape better lives for autistic people.

On the occasion of this three-day event people from all over the world will come together to share the most recent developments across the field of autism.  The congress will address a wide range of issues, including:  diagnostic and assessment, language and communication, access to education, employment, research and ethics, gender and sexuality, inclusion and community living, mental and physical health, interventions, strategic planning and coordination of services as well as rights and participation.

We hope you will enjoy this Congress, where we will focus on what is needed to foster societies in which autistic people are included whatever their support needs and have happy and fulfilling lives.

With kindest regards,

Zsuzsanna Szilvásy
President of Autism-Europe


We are very honoured to welcome the 12th Autism Europe Congress in Nice from 13 to 15 September. Our country, now determined to "put science at the heart of the public policy of autism", has many talented professionals and researchers, who are committed with us to the organization of this event, and the families are looking forward to listen to the outstanding speakers and contributors who will be bringing their skills and enthusiasm to serve the cause of autism.

Our country fully recognizes itself in the motto of the congress: "A new dynamic for change and inclusion" because the inclusive society has now become the reference for disability policy. Yet, this inclusive society is still not a daily reality for many people with autism, but initiatives are multiplying, and little by little, the understanding of autism changes as well as practices.

We will be particularly pleased to welcome professionals and families from all over the world to discuss the challenges, the advances, both social and scientific. Diagnoses are still difficult or too late to obtain in many countries, and it is important to share the tools to improve them, as it is essential to develop the means of real inclusion for people with autism, at school and at work, in sports and leisure activities, and also to bring support to families.

We hope that the program of this congress will attract you, and that it will be a success like the previous ones; its goal is to promote the participation of autistic people in all aspects of civic life, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability, while respecting their differences, which we all strive to better identify and take into account.

Danièle Langloys
President of Autisme France